Sealcoating is extremely important for many reasons aside from saving you money and keeping out damaging elements like ice, salt, UV rays, automotive chemicals and water. Our 100% undiluted sealant will make your asphalt surfaces easier to keep clean, improves its appearance dramatically, prevents and restores surface erosion, seals fine cracks, gives it the benefit of waterproofing and improves pavement flexibility to protect year round against the elements of our harsh environment.


Sealcoating your asphalt makes cleaning it easily and so much more convenient. When pavement becomes cluttered with loose debris such as leaves, ice control sand, or garbage from dumpsters and people, it will need to be swept or washed away. A sealcoating with a smooth surface makes sweeping, hosing and other cleaning and maintenance easier to perform thanon a rougher damaged surface. Greater convenience cleaning your asphalt could also translate into savings with regards to your cleaning costs.


The fresh and crispsolid matte black coating of our sealant gives a well maintained and often a brand new appearance to your pavement. A fresh and well-maintained appearance increases the comfort of your clients and could lend heightened confidence in your services. Newfie Sealers Black Mac 100% Sealant also helps provide a greater contrast between the asphalt and the striping, such as directional markings, parking spaces, and striping like crosswalks clearer to see and longer lasting visibility.


Asphalt sealants protect against oxidation.This oxidization happens through exposure to the elements and our rather harsh climate. Over time the asphaltic binder that holds the substance of asphalt together - essentially an aggregate of small, loose stones will deteriorate, resulting in the softening and pitting of the asphalt surface. Our 100% sealant protects the asphalt from oxidation and prevents deterioration while restoring the surface layer of older paving. The fine particles in the sealant helps to fill eroded areas in the oxidized asphalt surface. The surface deterioration from oxidization leads to small openings that turn into larger cracks. This is exacerbated in our climate with frequent freeze / thaw cycles during fall, winter and spring. These cracks can ultimately lead to water seepage and expansion, resulting in breakages in the pavement. Products applied by our competitors are diluted by adding fuels like gasoline and diesel. These combinations actually cause increased oxidization and the fuels burn away some of the binding agents which further causes additional damage to your property. Many people mistakenly trust their pavement to folks who are not only ripping them off by selling diluted products but you are also allowing them to damage your pavement. Our sealants protect and prevent damage while others cause further damage. Seal to Save &Save by Sealing!


As asphalt dries out over time, it becomes more brittle and far less flexible, making it more vulnerable to damage such as cracking and potholes. Our undiluted sealant helps prevent the asphalt from drying out, keeping it flexible. The life of your pavement can be doubled by applying regular treatments of high quality undiluted sealants. Newfie Sealers have a professional team who save your pavement. Old pavement needs to be sealed because many of the essential adhesion ingredients have dried out and need the protection of our sealant. New pavement is applied in a more thin coat by paving companies and does not have the same level of adhesive ingredients as did pavement of the past. New pavement needs regular treatment more now than it did 10 or 15 years ago. This is why we now have to treat all pavement. Your old pavement needs to be rescued to prevent replacement and newer pavement needs sealant more that ever as a layer of additional prevention.

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