Seal for snow

The snow and ice may have melted off of your parking lots and driveways; however, your sunny smiles will soon fade once you see the effects the snow, ice, cold weather, temperature fluctuations, sanding and of course, snow plows. have had on your parking lots.

Once you brace yourself and have a look, what will you find on a unsealed driveway? Well, that all depends on what condition your parking lots and driveways were in before the snow fell. Obviously pre-existing conditions will be magnified with the effects of the vehicles and snow. But, even if you had had your parking lot and driveway main-tained, or resurfaced, you will most likely find cracks and possibly small potholes, not to mention snow plow gaugesand cracked surfaces. Why?

Melting snow (mosisture) the varying degree of temprature during the day and night (freeze/thaw), coupled with the wieight and effects that snow plows and vehicles can cause, did their damage. It all comes down to the fact that Asphalt is water-permeable, and during the day the water from the melting snow can seep inside of the Asphalt and get trapped. When the temperature drops again, the pliable Asphalt needs to expand again to adapt to the frozen water. Once the temperature rises, the water melts and the Asphalt structure (now changed from the frozen water) is weakened and will deteriorate with everyday usage. This coupled with the heavy weight of the snow plow trucks, will cause your Asphalt parking lot and driveway to deteriorate very quickly indeed. This leads to major cracks, potholes and 'alligatoring' when the sub-grade below your Asphalt deteriorates.

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Now, you may find cracks, alligatoring, scraped-off parking lot markings, driveways scraped in a similar fashion, pads pans and paving faded. Not to say, that your paving is an eye-sore and extremely risky for children and customes/ homeowners to walk on. You will possibly say to yourself "Where do I start?" What can I afford to do? What is the neighbor and competition doing? Coming to Newfie Sealers you will find speacials at all times running all through the season. Including our ongoing Contests and deductions. First assess your immediate needs, particularly issues relating to the safety of people and code compliances, major or minor potholes as well as faded paving. All these issues can be addressed by our very efficient and well trained staff. Even though the temprature may still be a little cool (over 15 degrees), Newfie Sealers 100% mix will seal your paving and give you a brand new looking parking lot and driveway.


Newfie has a unique 100% Black Mac sealant that will protect your Asphalt from the salt that is often used to Combat Storms in Newfoundland and Labrador. Salt may be great for melting ice and snow and making the roads a safer place, but it does so at a significant impact on Asphalt paving of all sorts.

There is a chemical reaction between the sodium chloride (salt) and the snow, causing it to melt. Unfortunately this very reaction is the cause of the salt seeping into the Asphalt. Salt and Asphalt do not mix either. This in effect will then cause your Asphalt parking lot or driveway sufaces to bread down at a phenomanal rate. Once broken down, vehicles and foot traffic will cause it to become more susceptible to pot holes and cracking. Causing dangerous areas for prople.

Pot holes are more than simply an annoyance and eyesore. They can cause major damage to vehicles and children.Depending on how the damage occurs you can be held accountable for repairs. This can get pretty costly if you do not maintain your asphalt.

At Newfie Sealers we take care of all of the above for you! Our crew is always friendly and abliging. And you the client may rest assured that the job is being done by true professionals.
Call Newfie Now for a free estimate price . Remember too. Seal for Snow.

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